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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Due to aforementioned reasons, the past couple of days have been rather hard on me. Thanks to an abundance of phone calls, a lovely (and ever so helpful) visit from my dad, The Tall Guy, I was able to go to work today. Because of this, I have a funny story to share.

Backstory. I have always been a geek, and I've loved every minute of it. I was shy and quiet and not very sure of myself. It has only been in the past year or so that I've a) really started liking myself, and b) started thinking well of myself. This includes regarding myself as attractive. (I'm not begging for compliments here, people, I'm just tellin' it how it is.)

That said, when I got to work there were these two teenage girls here. Honestly, if I were sixteen, we'd probably be friends. A little quirky, bookish, but fun. They kept asking me for help with the locations of various odd books and I felt solidified in the idea that me and these girls were cosmically connected.

Included in their posse was this boy. Shaggy blond hair, fitted tan corduroy jacket, eccentric shoes. If I were in high school, this would be my Pedestal Crush. You know, the guy that you think is too cool for you but you worship from afar? That was most definitely him. I got a fiendish delight in such thoughts.

Then he came up to me to introduce himself. He gave me his name, mentioned that he was the girls' math tutor, wanted to know if I was single, etc, etc. I wanted to burst out laughing. This was my iconic Pedestal Crush and here he was, shuffling from foot to foot trying to muster up the guts to talk to me. I was supposed to be the awkward one, not the cute one that makes the situation apparently unbearable for the approaching party. I let him down gently, knowing what it felt like to be in his shoes, never thinking I'd ever be approached in such a way.

And then? Then I smiled like the high schooler I felt like inside. The cool guy thinks I'm cute! I'm pretty? I'm pretty! I'm the pretty librarian! This officially takes care of about six dreams I've always had for myself, all in one night. I freaking love working at the library!

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  1. You are so much more than cute. You ROCK! I'm not sure where the idea that your a geek came from, just because you like to read? I woould say that your going to get a lot of dudes trying to get to know you better. You are the kind of woman that every guy would want to take home and introduce to their parents as their girlfriend and best friend.
    As far as you window being broke out, there is still scum in this world and they have no religion and no faith. That's their problem. All we can do is pray for them and hope they get a clue.
    Love ya, Larry