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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was robbed.

Quite the opener, right? Well, it's what happened. Sometime tonight during the two hours I was in the temple for an endowment session, the passenger window of liten bil was smashed into smithereens and the contents of my front seat and glove box removed. Ipod, brand new leather bag, journal, scriptures, planner, camera, all gone.

I felt sick. Couldn't breathe, didn't know what to do, what to say. Heaven bless my friend M who was working that night. She walked me back into the temple and helped set things in action. Then everyone working at the temple stepped in. I started breathing a bit more normallly.

Dr. D came and surveyed the car with me. (I haven't mentioned him before, and assured my mother today that he would not be gracing this blog. These are extenuating circumstances, Kitty, I'm sure you'll understand.) The moment that wonderful boy drove up, I felt better. He took my hand, calmly assured me that the window was easy to replace and made sure all was well before he let me go home. All this after I woke him up the night before a major exam. Personally, I think he's a keeper, but that could just be my overwhelming bias speaking. No. He's a keeper.

The most gut wrenching moment for me was thinking that my backpack had been stolen. Contained inside were my laptop and GRE study materials. Now, most of you would think that I'd most lament the laptop. WRONG! It needs to be replaced anyway. My devastation resided with the lost GRE materials, as I am taking the exam in exactly a week.

Tonight has been a night of tender mercies, however. I had my wallet with me in the temple through the session, meaning I had my cards with me and my temple recommend. My glasses were on my head. The journal lost had just been started yesterday, only setting me back one entry. Dr. D showed up and reminded me of how lucky I am to have him in my life. I was at the temple surrounded by amazingly wonderful people. And to top it off, I came home to find my backpack sitting on my bedroom floor. Every so often I do something intelligent, like remember to take my backpack out of my car.

So, I have no ipod, no music, no phone, no planner, no gorgeous bag that I just bought last week, or a front window. But I have an incredibly supportive boy in my life, a temple recommend, fantastic parents, and GRE study materials. This alone proves to me that there is a God and that He loves me.

Let's recap, shall we?

Satan: 0 Engquist: 1!!!

Boo. Yah.


  1. Boo-yah indeed.

    I think I would most lament the CAMERA. Were there lots of pictures on it?

    And seriously - who steals SCRIPTURES? Sick.

    Bytheway, you'll rock the GRE. I took it a few years back. I should tell you the story sometime. It's a thrilling tale. It has equal parts comedy and drama in it. But a good ending. ;o)

  2. Amen. I would be most sad about the planner. How will you plan? or know where you have to be. Glad that you are safe, glad that this Dr. D person was there to assist you! Who robs people at church that is just rude!