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Friday, January 15, 2010

definitely not a PC, maybe I could be a mac

I like people. That said...

This woman comes up to me in the library this afternoon as I was shelving books.

"Where is the Black History section?" she asks me.

"You know, I just started a few days ago, and I'm not entirely sure. If you go up to the Information Desk, I'm sure someone will be able to direct you."

"Do you not have a section for Black History? Does the library not recognize it?"

This is where I got peeved. I wanted to drop my poised library-employee persona and just say, No, the library doesn't recognize Black History just like it doesn't recognize Swedish-American History. I've been pissed about it for years, excuse me as I go file a lawsuit. AND I'm a racist. Happy?! Good.

Instead, I replied, "The library does designate African American books with stickers on the binding. I'm just not sure where the specific history section is located. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help."