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Thursday, January 14, 2010

because this is the kind of stuff I've thinking about lately

At my retail job, this week we were in the middle of changing our store set. Meaning? Everything got changed. New product, furniture arrangement, wall colors, etc., etc. This meant that I've been working more than usual and at holiday-esque hours.

So it was that yesterday I found myself driving to work at o-dark-thirty, when a miracle happened. The sun ROSE. For those of you familiar at all with winters in the Midwest, you might understand that this is in fact a miraculous event. Winter typically means no sun until March, yet here it was, cresting over the horizon in front of me. Not just that, it was a glorious sunrise. Final traces of clouds stretched across the sky, catching the pink and amber hues as they emerged from the darkness of night. It was amazing, and I felt more than fine with having to be at a mall three hours before it even opened.

Amazingly, this peaceful resolution to my early-morning angst isn't even the point of the post. The point is far more ridiculous than even that. You see, because yesterday morning reminded me of how amazing sunrises really are, I've made a mental boycott of films and stories that end with the protagonists riding off into the sunset. What kind of crap symbolism is that? "And they rode merrily off into the end." That's it. The end. I don't like it.

See, most of these "endings" are really beginnings. New adventures, new relationships, new segments in life journeys. It is thereby my wholly biased opinion that all, and I do mean ALL, of these moments should symbolically take place with the protagonists riding off into the the sunRISE, the epic new beginning that happens every day. Doesn't that seem more fitting? Well, I think it is.

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