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Friday, May 29, 2009

things I could do...

...if I would just stop buying books and random smatterings of media from Europe.
  • buy a new computer
  • get the AC fixed in liten bil
  • eat
  • go to Europe
  • go anywhere
  • buy clothes that fit me
  • pay off bills
Basically, I need a patch akin to the nicotine patch, but for book buying. It could be called something like the Nerd Reducer. The sad thing is, I probably couldn't afford to buy it, because I just bought another book. Dang amazon.com!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

solid reasoning

Logic says that if you are going to drive four-plus hours to and from the middle of nowhere on a weeknight, you must either a) have a really good reason, or b) have an extreme lack of sanity. While my own mental awareness lingers precariously between these two states, I did in fact have a really good reason for this drive. Many reasons actually. Here are just a few of them.

Family I don't get to see nearly often enough,

sunsets that make my heart melt,

and the graduation of a cousin who's more like a brother to me.

Call me crazy, and it might be warranted, but I think the tall cowboy was definitely worth the sleep-depriving adventure. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

art geek fun

I'm going to volunteer at the Springville Museum of Art! I just got the call back from The Powers That Be there today to find out all systems are a-go. It'll just be me, the front desk, and a local museum full of pieces as awesome as the little tomato. Could life get any better than this? I submit that it canNOT!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

bank holidays

Bank holidays are the best, if you work in a bank or a government institution. This means a day off of work to do whatever you want. As I learned on Monday, however, "whatever" comes with contingencies in the form of closed signs.

That's right folks, bank holidays offer a bit of respite to just about everyone else, but more importantly to the small business owner.

The little guy who works the shop all on his own who can't wait for those bank holidays to go water skiing.
To all of you small business owners, I just want to say that I sure hope you had a terrific day off,

because I still didn't get my cupcake.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

lofty spaces

I love this picture. No, it's not some great photographic achievement, just the documentation of changes going on in my townhouse. But I love it. Why do I love it? Because it reminds me of this place..

That, my friends, is the entirety of the flat I lived in in Brussels, Belgium for nearly 4 months. A glorified closet with a wonderful skylight that I paid way too much to live in, and I would move back in a heartbeat. High ceilings, absolutely no space to speak of what so ever, but I could watch and hear the rain fall, as it was prone to in Brussels. I really loved that place.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Now that there's paint on the walls, it's time to cover them up again with various assortments of decoration. Prior to the painting extravaganza, the hospital beige walls were dirty, dilapidated, and in an overall state of gross. The only thing to be done with them was hide them, by whatever means possible. Rehanging stuff took more skill and selectivity.

The piece on top, Hang In There Little Tomato, I found at a local museum when they were hosting an exhibit of prize winners from the statewide high school competition. It was love at first sight. So I bought it, took it home, and smile every time I see it. The other is a random, late-night sketch of mine that I did awhile ago but hung in an inexpensive frame to make it look important.

A map from a wall calendar in a cheap frame and a collection of prints from my roommate don this side of the living room.

Just had to give the little tomato another nod. Have I mentioned how happy it makes me?

The photo collection on top is evidence that I do know how to take a good picture. It is a sampling of four sunsets I was able to capture on (digital) film during an escapade in Northern Michigan last summer. The framing and matting are compliments of Wal-mart. So cheap, so effective. I created the piece on the bottom during General Conference weekend. It's a pencil drawing of a tree placed over a watercolor background. This project reminded me of how much I love doing multimedia pieces.

Yes, I am aware of the fact that my drawing is hanging low on the wall underneath the stairs. I'm still fine with it.

Do you see that giant piece above the sofa? That is my latest creation and, like the little tomato, it makes me inordinately happy!

All it is is paint swatches placed in a highly structured manner on a ginormous piece of black mat board. The frame and board cost more than anything (the swatches were free) but I absolutely adore it! I call it The Preppy Minimalist. (Note: The paint samples were from Ralph Lauren Home.)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

it's my birthday, I'll reminisce if I want to

It's my birthday today, and I'm inching towards being old.  Not there yet, but it's definitely getting closer (as I was so kindly reminded of a few minutes ago by a co-worker).  I was laying in bed last night contemplating how much I've changed and how much I have yet to accomplish in my life, and I got ridiculously excited.  Growing up and having new experiences is just too fun!

When I was little, I would similarly stay up the night before my birthday thinking about my life.  The typical result was "I don't want to grow up and get old!  I don't want to die!"  I was very melodramatic, I'll give you that, but I had an inexplicable fear of growing old and running out of time.  My solution was to stay awake all night the night before to postpone the oncoming of another year of my life.  In my juvenile mind, such an action would truly offset the coming of another day.  Obviously, it never worked out that way.  

Other things  I remember about birthdays:
  • early morning scavenger hunts for my new birthday outfit
  • sugar cookies up the wazoo that my mum decorated for me to take to school
  • calls from the Wells family*
  • all sorts of silly variations on birthday songs
  • feeling like a princess for a day; it was awesome
  • going on fun outings catered to what I wanted to do 
  • getting to sit in the front seat of the car
*This still happens, and already happened this morning.  The day just doesn't seem complete without a call from my surrogate parents.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

reverie: rugby

This is me, 10 inches of hair and 20 million rolls of electrical tape ago.

Back when I found myself daily in a scrum set up miraculously low and tight.

A time when I wore mouth guards, was constantly covered in dirt, and was always at the ready to hoist teammates into the air.

I still don't wear socks, so luckily some things don't change, 

but there was only one time when we were the first ever State Champions for Women's High School Rugby in the state of Michigan.  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

eurovision 2009

Have you ever played that game Apples to Apples? It's where you play a card based on the person doing the card picking. For example, if the Card Picker is dealing with the category "Mafia," the Card Picker may be more likely to select "Cheese" from the assortment of options, even if you have the "Al Capone" card ready to play. It's illogical.

That, my friends, is exactly how I feel about gaging the results of the Eurovision Song Contest. Acts like this and this make it clear through to the semi-final rounds, while acts like this are sent home to their promising futures at the national level. It boggles my mind! And then, there's the actual winners. Yes, Eurovision is the launching off pad for such greats as ABBA, but that could also explain the show itself. You see, this is who won this year. A sprightly, David Archuletta-looking, fiddle playing, Norwegian boy wonder. The song is catchy (I've had it lodged in my head since the competition be
gan last week) but that's it.

Basically, after the results of this year, I feel like the guy holding the "Al Capone" card watching the guy who played "Cheese" get another point. Jipped, confused, and realizing I have absolutely no idea how to pla
y the game. At all.

Here's who would have had my vote the entire time, had I had the option to vote. Oh Estonia, I was rooting for you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"Childhood recollections are the most invincible of secret hideaways.
The ability of these 
memories to influence the present is bound up in
a personal capacity to hold onto that sensation of simple curiosity
that pervades one’s juvenile years. To spend a summer afternoon
with nothing to do but dream is a moment I long to retreat to, over
and over again in adulthood..."

- Kevin Sullivan

More on this to follow....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Home Improvement

Finally! We found it!  The key to being environmentally friendly when painting your house: laziness and an empty bank account.  This leads to all sorts of resourcefulness.  Here are a few prime examples of our latest adventures:

  • Reusing tape that's already been painted on
  • Using  an old, 1/2-inch foam brush from elementary school in the absence of a full-size, useful brush
  • Planting the tomato plants you've had on the back porch for two weeks in the empty, washed out paint cans
  • Don't use tape because you flat out can't find it
  • Don't use tape because you don't have the patience for it
Mind you, all of our environmentally conscious efforts do not account for all of the water being used to wash out brushes, the six cans of paint we have in our house, the rolls and rolls of tape that did have to be used, the paint that is now clogging our kitchen drain (I'm sure it is by now..).  Oh well, we tried, and the house {almost} looks great!  

Next time on Green Home Improvement...
Resale shop rugs and homemade art projects: How to decorate your house and hug a tree at the same time

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recipe for Perfectly Content Little Girls

Take a healthy dose of fairy light, add dozens of little girls. Place in delicate pale pink dresses and apply to dance floor. For best results, make sure dresses have plenty of toulle which is a twirling stimulant. Turn on music and enjoy!

Recipe yields countless dreams of becoming professional ballerinas.

Note: Putting little boys in pastel colored ties and sticking them on a dance floor will not guarantee same results.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


One SWF looking to attend OSU to receive MA in APAA. Has BA in H-H and minor in SS. Speaks Sw. Worked in the EP with the Greens/EFA party. Background in marketing. Not so good with math, will try hard. Loves to read, go on long walks, can tolerate animals, but not Buckeyes.

And this, folks, is the problem I am running into when preparing my personal statement for my graduate school application. And always, ALWAYS, I end up thinking, I bleed blue, maize and blue! They're never even going to let me in! (Note: Dear Admissions Board, On the off chance that you see this, I really am excited about this opportunity to go to OSU! It's just taking a lot more mental preparation than I realized. I'm sure you understand.) Hopefully I'll be able to hammer something out that doesn't sound as lame as a personal ad and doesn't offend the school I'm applying to.  Oh, help..

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another Book on the Shelf

After another late night thinking session, I came to the end of my journal late  yesterday.  While this doesn't seem like the most exciting thing in the world, it's always a significant event to me.  Here's why: each of my journals (and there are many) become good friends to me.  I take the small notebooks everywhere with me, truly, and so when I place a completed book on the shelf, I feel as if I am losing the company of a dear friend.  

I got to thinking about how different my life is since I started this journal last July. I just wanted to take a moment to document some of the changes that have occurred to me in the past year.
  • This time last May, I was still working on my undergrad
  • I thought I was moving back to Michigan
  • Had no job
  • Had no life (No really, I was a really huge hermit last summer!)
  • Was considering going to law school
  • Didn't have a place to live
  • I was flat broke
  • I had a really great tan
And that just about sums  up my life last summer.  This summer, on the other hand, is much different.
  • I have a job
  • Not in school
  • Studying for the GRE
  • Planning to move to Ohio in a few months
  • FINALLY found a graduate program
  • I have more of a social life than I know what to do with
  • Never home (i.e. not a hermit)
  • Have some savings
  • Absolutely no tan
Lastly, but most definitely not least, 
  • I'm happy!
Trust me when I say, that's huge progress!  Hopefully this next journal (another mahogany brown leather book like the one I just finished) will be able to document another year of great changes.  Something tells me, it will.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Have you ever seen those Windex commercials, where the window ends up so mysteriously clean that ignorant animals-and sometimes humans-end up running headlong into the crystalline glass?  Well, I am by no means the best housekeeper in the world, but a few weeks ago, I did undergo the painstaking process of washing the sliding window coming off of our dining room.   The results were nothing near the Windex commercial, thanks to unknown years of built up dirt.  But I was more than satisfied with the ample amounts of sunlight that were freely flowing into my little home.
Then yesterday happened.  During a sudden spurt of home improvement genius, my roommates and I have taken it upon ourselves to paint the main floor of our townhouse.  While taping off cabinets after work, my roommate asked if I had seen the crazy bird that kept flying into the window.  I had not.  But I looked the windows I had scrubbed meticulously, only to find bird goo splattered everywhere.  I am still wondering what was up with this bird that it left so much residue on my window.  Never mind, I don't want to know.
Later in the evening, I returned home to an empty house.  I walked toward the bird splattered window to gaze out at a lovely desert sunset over the valley only to discover a rather peculiar looking bird sitting on the balcony railing staring back at me.  Less than a minute later, the bird was attacking the window!  Unlike the hilarious Windex commercials, where the animals hit the glass and fall backwards in a moronic stupor, this bird just kept trying to fly through the window.  He scaled up and down trying to get to the table of misplaced artwork on the other side.
All I can figure is this; the bird is nuts.  Certifiably nuts.  He was the village idiot, got kicked out, and is now wreaking havoc on my at-one-time-clean window. That or he is aware of the mockery my housekeeping skills really are and is mocking me.  Personally, I think it's more of the former than anything else.  That or he has the Swine Flu.