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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

because it's the end of the year and this is what you do

Engquist's 2009 in review

Fell in love
Found faith
Went through the temple
Got a job
Lost a job
Started working retail
Applied to Ohio State
Worked through two full journals
Fell out of love
Started drawing again
Watched more movies than can be counted
Missed Europe
Attended weddings
Celebrated birthdays
Made friends
Lost friends
Realized how much she loves herself
Lost books
Lived out of boxes
Welcomed babies to the world
Had a stern talking with her ovaries
Drove through a blizzard or two
Discovered she has patience
Read books...lots of them
Mocked blogs
Started a blog
Got a new drivers license
Considered the worth of the soul
Talked to her brother twice on the phone (WOO!!)
Lost an ipod and a camera in the same week
Bought clothes
Donated clothes
Sold clothes
Sold furniture (the sofa!!!!)
Got lost
Relied on her sense of direction
Hosted the last annual chocolate party
Stengthened her testimony
Saw Star Trek five times
Hung out with family
Played dress up
Watched her friends become parents
Learned about the true nature of love
Made fun of Ohio
Sang in a Messiah sing along

Can't beat a year like that, can you?

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  1. I am so glad your in Columbus. I am sure it has been a wild ride of a year for you. But I have enjoyed experience the last couple of months with you and your friendship!