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Sunday, October 18, 2009

intro to world cultures 101

This day long course offers a broad introduction to Western Culture. Designed for relatives around the age of sixteen, it begins with an early morning viewing of CBS Sunday Morning featuring segments on Andy Williams and a witty opinion piece on geeks. To set the tone for Sunday, this is followed by Music and the Spoken Word, a weekly television broadcast by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Once properly attired, our students attend services at a local Young Single Adult ward for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Unlike normal church congregations, YSA wards are made up solely of individuals spanning ages eighteen to thirty-one. It is a cultural experience in and of itself full of dating drama, lifelong friends, pindrop-silent Sacrament Meetings, and rock solid testimonies.

Such an experience can be overwhelming to a teenage mind. Thus the course is taken to the Sundance Resort in the place of Sunday School. We like to call this portion Sundance School. High in the Wasatch Mountains, Sundance exposes our students to the lifestyle of the rich and western. A lunch of fresh deli sandwiches and glass bottled root beer is eaten on the grass surrounding the ski lift. Once nourished, the students watch resident glass blowers at work followed by a tour of the on-site gallery. A few postcards later, the students are placed in the car to head home.

Though the learning experience would seem to be over, the curriculum extends to the car. Exposure to Sunday Bluegrass on a local radio station and then A Prairie Home Companion on NPR round off the day.

Grading is based off of involvement throughout the day. No prerequisites necessary.

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  1. i wish to enroll now for your world cultures 201. please let me know what is needed for the class. besides a sense of wonderment, adventure and willingness to get lost. ahh...road trip!!