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Sunday, October 11, 2009

get your kicks

I got rather used to my drives from Provo to Southern Utah during my years out there. A quick two and a half hours through the middle of nowhere, driving at mock nine speeds, soaking in the most glorious desert mountain views.

My drive between Columbus and Detroit is absolutely nothing like this. But it definitely has its virtues.

It begins with the drive north along the Olentangy River, heavy laden with views of color morphing trees, rural estates, and the winding water.

The country highway through Central Ohio is a far cry from the middle of nowhereness I'm used to. Namely, there are four lanes, lots of cars, and you're not driving directly in front of Ma and Pa's front door and dodging their cow Bessie. But I do cut through the seas of fields, dotted with red barns and lots of ponds.

One of my favorite aspects of this drive is radio surfing as I get further north. From All Buckeyes, All the Time to Talk of Lima. I know I'm close to home when I can tune into CBC and get the weather report in Celsius again. Hockey reports take precedence over OSU football. Then I get Michigan Radio, the NPR syndicate out of the University of Michigan.When I hear that, I know all is well with the world once more.

This nearly four hour long drive bridges a hundred year-old rivalry, several metropolitan areas, farms, factories, cultures, countries, and a most sacred state line. Not a mountain sojourn, but still a highly desirable trip.

1 comment:

  1. I love reading your descriptions. I'm glad you have such a wonderful drive.
    One thing though, it would be Mach 9, unless you're commenting on the fact that you aren't really going that fast, but only imitating it.
    In that case, you're cool, and adorable!
    I miss you!