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Monday, September 14, 2009

recipe: saturday extraordinaire

1 pair of new friends
1 car
3 festivals
6 NCAA football teams
zest of sun, to taste
1 cupcake
2 cookies
2 apples
1 street vendor
1 fantastic restaurant
drizzle of starlight

Take the pair of new acquaintances, inject them with fresh fruit and place in the car. Begin in Grandview Heights for farmer's market. May be best to feed here after procuring fresh fruit. Results vary, but tend to be positive. Local bakers may also be present. Utilize.

Return to car, head in a westerly direction until reaching Hilliard. Roam the streets basking in classic cars, Sweet Adeline performers, and local artists. Street vendor optional at this point.

Return to car, and start driving. Helps if one of the pair of friends is new to the area and has no idea where any of these places are. Take a southern course to Lithopolis. There, surprise the unassuming newbie with a smörgåsbord of antique stores, a small art fair, honey festival, and bratwurst. Allow adequate time for roaming, shopping, and general silliness. Proper monetary considerations also need to be reckoned with as willpower tends to diminish in the presence of watercolor paintings, a National Geographic book from 1926, and a wide variety of honey. Prepare accordingly.

When sustained by bratwurst, return to car and veer north back into Columbus for another festival. Far more amusing if it is composed of hippies and their wares. Festival should not be left until joining in the process of creating a mural with a local artisan. A preferred medium is handmade paper, especially with the raw material. Such a medium leads to fingers stained blue from "non-toxic" dye. After sufficiently dyed, a break is necessary. Return the unassuming newbie home for a few hours to relax and catch football scores.

For this concoction to really be successful, BYU needs to give Tulane a thorough trashing, raising them even further in the rankings. (No. 7 on the AP poll is preferred.) This can only be catapaulted by a last-moment win by Michigan over Notre Dame, giving the former a 2-0 record before conference play.

To round off the day, select an absolutely amazing menu from the the selection for Restaurant Week. Dress appropriately, head to restaurant (in this case G. Michael's in German Village), and let the chef do all the work. Be prepared for a sensory overload as the most incredible meal ever created is placed before you. Three desserts are optional, but definitely preferred. Good conversation and good company are a must.

Follow this off with a stroll through the park, walking off the inordinate amount of food that has been consumed. Add a crystaline sky, the twinkle of starlight, and the slightest of breezes to taste.

Wake up the next morning to find out that USC beat Ohio State in the last minutes of play, and the day will be complete.

Serving sizes vary.

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  1. It sure was a fabulous day for Michigan fans. Ohio loses, MSU loses at home to CMU and Michigan beats Notre Dame! We flew our MI flag proudly from the car window :)