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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

meanwhile, back in the mitten

So, there was this one time when I came home for the weekend. The weekend turned into nearly a week. And I'm so okay with that. The initial reasoning behind my hiatus from the Scarlet and Grey was, and is, incredibly sad. A dear family friend died tragically a few weeks ago in a car accident while home in Lebanon. The stateside memorial service was this past Sunday, and my excuse to head north.

The memorial service was bittersweet. A full Catholic mass, little was said of the great woman I knew until the very end. At least, I don't think anything was said. Really, I have no idea. That's because ninety percent of what was said was in Arabic. You read right, Arabic. This was an entirely new experience for me. I've been to my fair share of religious services of varying faiths, but not once have I sat through something in Arabic. It was beautiful to listen to, there was a lot of holy smoke, and I was totally lost. My gratitude for the ability to be home for the service, however, cannot be measured.

In the interim of my visit, I have frequented several cider mills, a seasonal pastime and favorite activity of mine. It is my sincere belief that everyone should experience the fall east of the Mississippi at least once in their lifetime. It's fantastic! Apple orchards, changing leaves, rain, sweaters, pumpkin patches...what's there not to like?

My stay was extended because of today's events. I met with a gentleman from the Detroit Institute of Arts about the workings of the museum, gathering information as I try to make plans for my future. It rocked! He offered so much insight that is utterly invaluable! Then I was let loose in the DIA. Free to wander. Free. As in, without restraints and also devoid of the admission fee.

You know how most people love amusement parks? Their inner child comes out and they turn giddy? That was me for the glorius hour I had inside the walls of the DIA. I walked through the rooms, rather more quickly than I would have liked, and relished the masters who adorned their walls. There is no drug that could have brought me more delight. No candy more satisfying. I'm not even sure a good Coke would match up to the joy I felt this afternoon. It was pure, unequivicable bliss.

I'm currently supposed to be driving back down to Columbus. That's obviously not happening. The museum called, I listened, and Detroit is claiming me for one more night.

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  1. There is something so very comforting about a mitten. Mittens always reminds us of good times. mmmmmgoblue