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Friday, September 18, 2009


I keep trying to siphon off the remaining bits of my soul to the State of Ohio, but it just keeps not working. It's like the bureaucrats know that I'm from Michigan without even seeing my license and refuse to let me in. It began a few weeks ago when I went to the BMV* to get things going and I was rather impolitely told that I was in the wrong office. Brilliant, I thought, I'll just go to the other office today and get it taken care of. Wrong. The office is closed on Mondays. It was Monday at the time. I thought only museums and LDS temples were cool enough to be closed on Mondays, what possible reasoning does the ODOT BMV have for being closed?

So after taking care of any number of other things, I sucked up my pride this morning and convinced myself that today was the day I would lose part of my identity and become a resident of Ohio. Driving through the mysterious and previously unknown streets of Columbus, I finally happened upon the ODOT compound. I presented myself to the pseudo-charming bureaucrat behind the reception desk and she asked to see my license. My license was in my wallet. Which was in my backpack. Which was in the trunk of liten bil. So I walked with a smile on my face, because really, I was rather happy to finally get this ordeal over with, out to my car and back. Somehow in the span of five minutes the computer system at ODOT had gone down and I was unable to sell off my soul. Again. The process will have to be attempted again next week.

I'm beginning to seriously consider just paying the jacked up tuition rates and just deal with it later because I really don't think Ohio wants to claim me, just as I'm still not entirely keen on claiming it.

*ODOT refers to it as the Bureau of Motorized Vehicles rather than Department. This I found odd, which is saying something since in Michigan it's neither. In stead, we refer to it as the Secretary of State, equally stupid, if not more so, but still...

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