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Monday, August 24, 2009

"we ain't got it!"

I'm broke. No denero for me. None. Nowhere, zip, zilch, nada. But I like stuff. It's a weakness, I know. So I thought I would share some of the results of items that have been tempting me to dig deep into my nonexistent coffers.

Craft in America. Best freaking documentary EVER..so long as you are a complete and utter art geek. Fortunately for me, I am!

Oh yes, there's a book, too. A gorgeous book! Dang PBS and all of the wonders it reveals to me...

100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names is a darling little book I found at the library and fell in love with (go figure!). It gives the etymology of each flower and a little about where the flower can be found with a sweet black and white sketched image of each blossom. The drawings are fantastic and the history is just genius. Plus, I like the flower names. Some of them are rather cute.

Breast cancer awareness at its best. Is there really a need for more explanation to this? I think not. There's also a shirt that says "Thanks for noticing, Save the Tatas" but I opted out of the image for it. Still on the list though.

This list is not including the blouses from J.Crew, the beautiful navy blue sweater with leather buttons, or the soundtrack for (500) Days of Summer. Or cake from Pronto. Or cocoa from Caribou. Or the cool Michigan book I saw at Borders last week. Or the random tree book I haven't found yet.

Moral of the story: I am not cut out for poverty; I like helping the economy too much.


  1. You need to stop going to Borders! We went in there last night and Phil just HAD to have the Chronicles of Narnia on CD that was on the clearance rack for 10 bucks! UGH. Then he got a rewards card. I told him he was going to turn into you!