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Monday, August 03, 2009

oh, the fates

This past weekend was my test run with Columbus. Register at the DMV, set up a new bank account, try out a concert in the park. It was going to be totally productive, set my nerves at ease, and convince me once and for all that I was ultimately fine with applying to OSU.

None of those things happened the way they were supposed to. Not one.

I am still happily a resident of Michigan for the time being because I inadvertently forgot all the necessary paperwork to meet the requirements at the DMV. Completely negates the purpose of going down to Columbus, but somehow, I'm just fine with my perpetuated status as a Michigander.

The concert in the park was a lot of fun, really, it was. The Columbus Symphony Orchestra puts on a series every summer called Picnic With the Pops. Every weekend for about two months, a guest artist appears with the orchestra for an outdoors extravaganza. What no one mentioned to me before arriving at last weekend's concert was that the freaking Ohio State Marching Band was the guest artist. How did I find out? The blazing sea of scarlet and grey surrounding me. I was wearing a solid blue shirt. Cobalt. Freaking. Blue.

As the concert began, I dove deep into the familiar world of the performing arts as the orchestra played pieces I've studied for several years now and a few I'd gladly hear again. (Concerto for Cellphone, bound to be a classic.) Then it was time for, and I quote, "The Best Damn Band in the Land" to play. Gag me now...the best damn band in the land? Seriously?

I'm sad to report, they were pretty damn good. Feathered hats off to them as they are incredible group of musicians. But they totally lost me when they started up on a rousing rendition of "I Don't Give a Damn About the Whole State of Michigan." Catchy tune that it is, I have no recollection of any of the music played after that. We weren't ten minutes into the set and I had heard more Michigan jokes than I'd ever like to hear again.

Despite that, I'm really grateful for this past weekend. I refamiliarized myself with parts of Columbus, found a fantastic market, discovered that the Ann Arbor based bookstore Borders DOES exist in OSU territory, and that I really will be fine.

Even if no one else there gives a damn about the whole state of Michigan.

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  1. I think you should have one room in your apartment dedicated to Michigan things! We are going to hang a UofM flag from our house this fall...we may get egged but you have to stand proud!