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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


My stuff is almost entirely packed. My furniture sold. The sofa gone. The cleaning products are quickly coming out as I scrub down the mess I've made of my room. The physical logistics of this move seem to be finally taking shape.

The emotional items, however, are another matter altogether.

Every day I am saying "Goodbye" to someone. Sometimes I get teary, other times I am not as impacted. But the looming sensation that I am leaving is there. Quite soon I will be separated from the life I have established for myself here and thrown into a brand new adventure. So not only am I bidding farewell to friends and family but to an entire way of life.

Today is it though. As soon as I pry myself away from this computer, the last minute packing and cleaning extravaganza begins resulting in the loading of my car the beginning of a new journey.

The Hawaiians really knew what they were doing when they created the word aloha. This familiar word means hello, goodbye, and I love you all at the same time. I recently learned also that the ha to the aloha is the transference of the speaker's essence to the listener. In other words, breathing a part of one's self onto another individual.

That's how I feel right now. I'm saying aloha to everyone and everything, trying to leave a part of me behind but to also forge new ties as I head out. From here on out I am surrounded by hellos, goodbyes, and I love yous.

Post script: I have not as yet figured out how to disconnect myself from the mountains and desert sunsets. Any suggestions for such a separation would be greatly welcomed.

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