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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Wednesday, the long oft neglected day of the week. The only credit it seems to receive is marking the halfway point to the weekend. Once Wednesday is over, the week suddenly looks much better. It is the tipping point of the week. For me, Wednesday is the pinnacle, my mid-week Friday. I look forward to it with irreconcilable anticipation. Every day this week, I woke up firmly believing it was already Wednesday. This morning, however, I confused myself further and thought it was Thursday and felt that I had done an injustice to Wednesday. Indeed, I believed I had somehow missed Wednesday. Imagine my delight when I realized the day had finally arrived!

But why, you might ask, do I love this day so much?

First off, I hear from my brother who is servi
ng a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Northern Italy. These weekly emails are the only communication I have from him while he is away and I thrive off of them. He's my best friend. We write each other like we were talking, offering intercontinental love, support, and anecdotes. We joke together and build one another up spiritually. It. Is. The. BEST! I read these emails first thing when I get to work on Wednesdays, setting the tone for my day.

Then there is what I look forward to even more, don't tell my brother that, but I think he would approve. I count down the remaining moments in the day, sitting on the edge of my seat like a middle school student tracks the last minutes until the summer holiday. Running out the door, I hop into my car and drive about ten minutes north to this place:

The Provo, Utah temple. While I still think this place looks like an industrial built cupcake, or a product of the designers of the Jetsons, it has become one of my favorite places on the planet. It is here that I serve others in the sacred manner outlined by the Lord. I learn, grow, and for nearly two hours every week, I feel nothing but the purest peace and happiness. Nothing can harm me inside of its walls. My temple worship has become a major part of my life, indeed, a part of me. As I've considered my upcoming move, I have taken into consideration access to the temple. Columbus, Ohio has a temple as well, meaning I can continue in the sacred service I have grown to love.

Wednesday, thank you for becoming the highlight of my week. Friday, don't worry, you still hold a soft spot in my heart.

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