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Monday, June 29, 2009


Cedar City in and of itself is no large city. It has grown in the past decade, to be sure, but to my Metropolitan Detroit mind, Cedar has always been a small town. The size of it is nothing, however, in comparison to the miniscule nature of my hometown.
Newcastle, Utah barely exists it is so small, but that's where I'm from. My summers as a child were spent almost entirely in this southern Utah community. The longstanding joke is that the population is roughly 100, but that's including the livestock. I went home this weekend, to Cedar and also out to Newcastle to trace through some of the old haunts.
As you drive west out of Cedar City and head into the mountains, you can feel the pulls of the modern world diminishing. Once you're in those hills, things rarely change. Buildings last forever, people die but are replaced with new birth. Life out there is ever constant and unchanging. A total refuge from the draws of the rest of the world and the perfect way for me to reconnect with the little girl inside of me that has been aching to come out lately.

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