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Monday, June 01, 2009


There are times in life where you get dealt a really awful hand, when the dice seem loaded. There are days when it feels like the entire lemon tree fell on you, not just a couple of lemons. That's how I felt today, or perhaps, how I should have felt. A monumental event happened to me, something that I cannot control and which will undoubtedly impact my immediate and foreseeable life. I should have been devastated, in stead I was shocked, scared, and mildly hurt.

This past week in particular, I have been praying for an answer to a very specific situation: moving to Ohio. When should I go? Now? Later? Not at all? What? Last night I was basking in a spiritual high, certain that I had the answer: December. Leave in December. I walked into work this morning, basking in the residual effects of such a high when my boss called me into his office. My job was being downsized, drastically, putting me in a part-time position. I was grateful beyond measure to still know that I had a job at all, but I knew it was only temporary. I would be replaced and would need to find other employment.

This, unbelievably, was the answer to my prayer. Through my initial tears and worries, I recognized that I had just been liberated from the bonds that tie me here. I can move, get used to Ohio, and make a new start of it and soon.

Though I felt (and probably looked) like a woman scorned throughout the day, my attitude changed drastically once I left the office. This was predominantly the doing of friends and family who listened to me as I unveiled the events of the day, let alone week. I received incredible support, advice, but more importantly, an insurmountable mass of love from all fronts. This, more than anything, was what I needed. The lemons from that wretched tree rapidly turned into the sweetest lemonade anyone ever tasted and I prepared to set up shop.

Prayer works. Woah, buddy, does it work! Furthermore, the Lord is willing to barrage us with blessings, we just have to be willing to recognize them. My sudden minimized employment is most definitely a blessing in disguise. Sure, finances are going to be tight, but when haven't they been? Furthermore I was reminded of what an incredible support system I have and that I am never alone. Ever. To all of you, and you know who you are, thank you.


  1. You are so optomistic! I love it :-) Blessings are always sweeter when they follow a really hard trial. Do you know what day you are leaving yet? Don't forget to take a massive 700 mile detour and come visit us on your way :-)

  2. engquist, what sense of complete peace you now have. your prayers were indeed answered. all is left is go EAST young one, go EAST!