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Friday, May 22, 2009


Now that there's paint on the walls, it's time to cover them up again with various assortments of decoration. Prior to the painting extravaganza, the hospital beige walls were dirty, dilapidated, and in an overall state of gross. The only thing to be done with them was hide them, by whatever means possible. Rehanging stuff took more skill and selectivity.

The piece on top, Hang In There Little Tomato, I found at a local museum when they were hosting an exhibit of prize winners from the statewide high school competition. It was love at first sight. So I bought it, took it home, and smile every time I see it. The other is a random, late-night sketch of mine that I did awhile ago but hung in an inexpensive frame to make it look important.

A map from a wall calendar in a cheap frame and a collection of prints from my roommate don this side of the living room.

Just had to give the little tomato another nod. Have I mentioned how happy it makes me?

The photo collection on top is evidence that I do know how to take a good picture. It is a sampling of four sunsets I was able to capture on (digital) film during an escapade in Northern Michigan last summer. The framing and matting are compliments of Wal-mart. So cheap, so effective. I created the piece on the bottom during General Conference weekend. It's a pencil drawing of a tree placed over a watercolor background. This project reminded me of how much I love doing multimedia pieces.

Yes, I am aware of the fact that my drawing is hanging low on the wall underneath the stairs. I'm still fine with it.

Do you see that giant piece above the sofa? That is my latest creation and, like the little tomato, it makes me inordinately happy!

All it is is paint swatches placed in a highly structured manner on a ginormous piece of black mat board. The frame and board cost more than anything (the swatches were free) but I absolutely adore it! I call it The Preppy Minimalist. (Note: The paint samples were from Ralph Lauren Home.)

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  1. Awww. I'm still loving little tomato man. And I LOVE the preppy minimalist. Sweetest idea ever!