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Monday, November 16, 2015


Over the weekend I had a booth in a small artist market at Decades Antiques and Vintage, a really cool local shop here in Atlanta.  And dude, was it fun!  It was a one day market that had been postponed because of rain on the scheduled day.  Because of that, turn out was lower than expected.  Other vendors were complaining about this.  I didn't seem to notice.  We stayed busy all day long!  Whoop whoop!

This was also a really cool opportunity for me to set up shop outside of our apartment.  When your kitchen table is your studio, and your walk-in closet is used to store supplies and inventory, you tend to lose perspective on what you actually have and how it looks.  I'm accustomed to selling online and seeing products in my own home.

To see everything put together was the COOLEST!  Thanks to some generous friends who lent me a tent, tables, and linens, I was able to set up a display that felt so true to who I am as a person and as an artist.  To have it all read well was just the icing on the cake!

Plus I had some really cute friends stop in... (:

and cute helpers (:

Curious as to what the best sellers were?  I thought I'd share, in case you missed seeing everything in person.

In stationery, the top contenders were:

That said, all of the stationery sets did really well!  Everyone loved the assortments.  Honorable mentions go to anything floral or with sea life.  (:


1. WHALES!  Both the Whale Friends and individual Seymour and Humphrey.  I nearly sold out of all of them.   2.  Give Thanks Pumpkin   3. Wintry Pine Tree   4. Poppies  5. Llama  6. females are strong as hell.  I still need to list in the shop the prints for the other word art, but all of these did really well!

The real star of the day was the 2016 Fine Art Calendar.  People were excited to give this away for gifts, or to give to themselves.  (:

It was SUCH a good day! I would love to do it again! In the meantime, the shop is open and stocked full of everything from the show, with a few additions coming soon.  Thanks to everyone who came out! What a blast!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

village people

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up early on a Sunday morning to a group text going.  A friend had gone grocery shopping the night before for Sunday dinner but forgotten onions.  She asked if anyone had onions they could bring to church to share.  Within moments, there were a slew of volunteers, and perhaps a few promises of crashing said dinner plans.  (:  Later that week, we got another message, a friend's daughter needed a ride, could someone pick her up?  Someone had a spot in the car, another person had a spare carseat, and another person had an extra casserole.  Mom, daughter, and family were all taken care of.  

This week, someone had a birthday.  One person had flowers, another person cake.  Someone else had a ride, card, and extra friends.  With the same spontaneity as finding onions, within hours we had a girls' night put together.

These are my people.  This is my village.  

These are my women.

Did I mention that none of these women live near each other?  Many of them share cars with spouses, have children, jobs, and community responsibilities.  Yet they drop everything, drive 40 minutes to drop off flowers, sit with with a child, or help paint a new house.  This is what they do and good hell do they do it well!

Last night I had the opportunity to gather with a portion of my village.  We talked.  We talked hard.  We debated, we discussed.  We cried, hard, and laughed even harder.  We shared, we bonded, we formed bonds.  We expanded the village.  We rejoiced in one another and found strength together.  We rejoiced in womanhood.

These are my people.