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Sunday, September 25, 2016

anne shirley book club

Welcome, kindreds, to the inaugural gathering of the Anne Shirley Book Club!  (Cue the marching band) Selfishly, this little adventure has been such a good motivator to help me find time for myself and get my groove back after the birth of our daughter almost two months ago.  (Yes blog world, we had our baby.  Did I not tell you that?  Whoops!)  

I haven't read Anne of Green Gables, in a few years, while I tend to dust other books from the series off annually.  I loved being able to visit her again and see her with new eyes. First time readers, what did you think?  Do you still want to read through all eight of the books with us?  I hope so!

Maybe it's because of my newfound role as a mom, but this reading of Anne introduced me to all of the parental influences in her life.  I couldn't help but ponder more on the families that took her in in her early years.  Though we know that she was never really wanted, Anne always had a place until she ended up in the asylum.  

In Avonlea, she had the Cuthberts to fill the long sought after roles of "mother" and "father" in her life.  But there was truly a village looking out for her.  She found in the minister's wife, Mrs. Allan, a kindred spirit and sounding board for ethical dilemmas that she might be able to breach with Marilla.  Miss Stacy inspired her to work even harder, for herself, not just out of competition with Gil--I mean other students.  (:  At one point, she mentions to Marilla how she decided to make a good decision because she wanted to tell Mrs. Allan all about an experience and didn't want to have to omit anything.  If she had made the bad choice, she wouldn't have felt comfortable sharing the account.

As I read this, I thought of two things.  First, the village that help raised me.  From family friends, teachers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, church leaders, and more.  Their influence shaped me for good, at least I hope it did, and was able to fill the gaps where my parents couldn't meet the same need.  I remember distinctly wanting to do well in school so I could tell my grandmother about it and wanting to make good choices so I could follow in the path of some of my leaders.  

Secondly, I thought of the village that is helping raise my daughter.  Sure, she can't even hold her head up yet, but she is already the product of the prayers, love, and sacrifice of so many.  As Mr. F has started school, this village has grown even more important.  From dinners being delivered and walking partners, to late night feeding texts and impromptu visits.  My village (hi village!) is not only taking care of my girl, but teaching me the kind of mother, woman, and friend I want to be.

So friends, those are just a few of my thoughts.  What did you think?  Hit the comment section to discuss and be sure to share your carrot cake pictures!  Instructions for next month and the quote print will be coming to you via email shortly.  Want to join in on the fun?  Send me a message and we'll get you set up!  seewhatiseadesigns at gmail dot com

Friday, June 17, 2016

in the shop: house portraits


It's summertime and the moving is happening!  I have 5 spots for house portraits still open before Baby Girl comes.  Just five!  Eek!  I've listed the spots up in the shop and it is first come first served!  To sweeten the deal?  House portraits are only $75.00 right now, originally $100!

Things house portraits are great for:

anniversary gifts
wedding gifts
graduation gifts (for the grad who is really going to miss home!)
just moving
remembering the house your teenager took their first steps in
making you smile

Also available are custom house portrait notecards.  Get those orders in.  These portraits are some of my favorite things to do and I don't want to miss you before the baby comes.

You can find the house portraits in the etsy shop here.