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Monday, August 31, 2015


Yesterday I put up a very personal post on Instagram and was overwhelmed by the response.  I admit, when I shared the story, I did it so I could get it printed in my Chatbook series, but mainly so I could remember how sweet Andrew was.  What really overwhelmed me was how everyone latched onto the sadness of the journey to children.  I was not anticipating that at all.

I don't talk about fertility much anymore, to anyone.  Andrew and I don't talk about it much, I don't really discuss it with friends and family.  Not on social media.  I just...don't.  It's become such a normal part of life, that it doesn't preoccupy my thoughts in the way it used to, nor do I feel like I need to discuss it when nothing has changed.  

But every so often, and the moments are pretty far removed from each other, I am overwhelmed with sorrow.  The sensation comes out of nowhere and is completely inexplicable.  That's what happened on Saturday.

I tell you this to explain that by and large, we're okay.  I'm okay.  Compared to some journeys, I feel like we're doing pretty well.  Life has been throwing all sorts of other adventures in our path that I know we need to experience first.  

That said, thank you.  There aren't enough "thank you"s available, nor words in my vocabulary deep enough to convey my emotion to your words.  Truly.  With each new message that came in, and there were many, I felt our reservoir of love and support fill until overflowing.  Each ,"We love you," and "We're praying for you," was heard and felt and propels us forward.  And friends, I am absolutely blown away by how many of you responded.  You're amazing!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Part of growing up, I've learned, is limited vacation time.  We've been hoarding Andrew's days off for school visits this fall and the triumphant return of his sister from her mission this winter!  (WHOOP WHOOP!) That means, we don't go anywhere.  At least, that is until we discovered Lake Lanier an hour away and the angels sang their songs of adoration and we, the vacationless, declared that summer was saved!

Okay, truth be told, we've only gone a couple of times due to crazy schedules (seriously, when did we both get this busy?!  what is up with that?!), but those few visits have been game changers.


Because there are trees.  Water.  Nature.  And baskets full of picnic lunches the likes of Yogi Bear would go nuts over.  And quiet.  Lots and lots of quiet.

The last time we went, the beach was ours for most of our visit.  A few stragglers came and went, but it was mainly ours for the enjoying.  We plopped a blanket on the sand under the trees and that was all she wrote.  We read.  We slept.  We ate...a lot.  We swam.  We sat in the lapping waves.  We might have napped.  We swam again.  And through all of it was the most blissful calm.  At the end of the day, we came home, slightly tanned, full of milkshakes, and so at peace.  We were ready to take on our heavy work schedules again with complete clarity of mind.  I call that a serious staycation win!